Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Achievers: The Cost of Disengagement: Steven Parker, Vice President, Customer Success & Business Transformation, Achievers

"Disengaged employees obviously will leave your company. We used to say people leave their managers. They don’t. They actually leave bad environments. Sometimes those are created by their managers, sometimes those are created by their peers, sometimes those are created by some of us."

Virtual Event Recap: 2014 Redefining Employee Engagement in Today’s Results-Driven World

On February 11, 2014, human resources professionals joined the 2014 Redefining Employee Engagement in Today’s Results-Driven World Virtual Event. Argyle Executive Forum brought together HR professionals to discuss changes in employee engagement and how HR professionals can best adapt to these changes in order to ensure successful HR practices. Perspectives were given by Gary Harrison-Ducros, Vice President Labor Relations for Frito-Lay; Donna Howard, Chief Human Resources Officer for Sonic Healthcare USA; Sumeet Kapoor, Senior Vice President HR Strategy & Change Management for Huntington Bank; and Razor Suleman, Founder & Chief People Officer for Achievers.
Suzanne Dowd Zeller

Investing in Engagement Makes Good Business Sense

When Suzanne Dowd Zeller, Chief Human Resources Officer at Allianz, first arrived at Allianz three years ago, she asked her CEO, “What’s in the water? Why is everyone so happy here?” Having spent 30 years in various roles leading human resources functions, these were great questions. Allianz Life’s employee engagement index has hovered around 86% the past few years – providing statistical confirmation that employees were happy. Plus, employees have voted the organization a top workplace in local and national surveys. Today Zeller discusses further why engagement is a worthwhile business investment.
J Todd Philips

The Basics Remain the Same

Executive Spotlight: J. Todd Phillips, the Former Vice President - Illinois Local Markets & Sales Strategy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. From the perspective of J. Todd Phillips, through all this change, the basics remain the same: leaders who build and execute a solid strategy and who keep employees both challenged and motivated will enjoy the strongest results.
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