Help! I’m an MBA and I Can’t Be In Sales!

Let’s say you are a newly minted graduate from a prestigious MBA program, and “sales” is not your most preferred route to professional success. Our position is – if you want to be prepared to survive the disruption that every business will go through in the next 25 years, becoming a sales professional is absolutely the best place to start your career. The sales function will allow you to leverage every facet of knowledge you are acquiring for real-world success.
Chief Financial Officer

Understanding the Challenges of CFOs

"For example, an accountant’s focus will typically start with earnings and margins. But in a finance model, which can take many different forms, you just won’t count those things in the first place. You’ll get to the same place, making the model mechanics unimportant, but each provides a window into how the different disciplines think."
McClure, Larry

Slaying the Hydra: Vanessa Bullen, Vice President of Human Resources, The Children’s Place Retail Stores, and Larry McClure, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, The Children’s Place Retail Stores

"We would increase revenue through strategic alignment of our performance goals at all levels in the organization, decrease cost through reduced turnover and optimize HR processes, decrease risk through greater compliance in payroll and forms completion, and increase our competitive advantage by leveraging technology to drive our key decisions about our most valuable resource: people."