Ashish Bisaria

Facts and Myths about Customer Experience in the B2B Space: Ashish Bisaria, SVP, Customer Experience, Manheim

"Think about your experience if you've ever sold or bought anything on eBay or any auction-like platform. If you are selling an item, your biggest desire is maximum number of eyeballs on your product, correct? That's what a seller wants. If you're a buyer, you want the least amount of people paying attention to that product. Right out of the gate, I have two customer segments."

Virtual Event Recap: 2013 Leadership in B2B Event Marketing

Argyle was pleased to host a virtual event December 10th on the topic of B2B event marketing. Our attendees got to hear perspectives from Brian Ludwig, Senior Vice President at Cvent; Meyleen Beichler, Vice President, Global Demand Generation at Rimini Street; Jason Stewart, Vice President, Demand Generation at Annuitas Group; Gary Damiano, Vice President, Marketing at Veeva Systems; and Kim Johnston, Vice President, Marketing at Parallels.
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