Lisa Reilly, AVP, Advertising & Public Relations at Mass Mutual Retirement Services, discussed the iconic MassMutual brand, how the organizational culture has evolved in recent years, and some exciting new research endeavors within the Retirement Services division.

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Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer of Luck Companies, discussed the impact of value-based leadership on workforce culture and productivity.

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Bill Solomon, Vice President of Customer Care for Vonage, and Nav Chakravarti, Vice President of Product Management at Oracle, discussed knowledge management and how it can improve the customer experience while reducing costs.

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Kathy Kerr, Vice President-Customer Services, shares her insights on the two different worlds that CISOs and CIOs are living on right now and how they can meet in the middle to make better business decisions.

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CISOs are from Mars and CIOs are from Venus

Executive Spotlight
July 14, 2014

Barry Caplin, Chief Information Security Officer at Fairview Health Systems, shares his insights on the two different worlds that CISOs and CIOs are living on right now and how they can meet in the middle to make better business decisions.

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Session abstract below. Full transcript available for download here.

Madison Riley, Head of the North American Retail and Consumer Product Group at Kurt Salmon, shared his thoughts on the omni-channel customer experience at the 2013 Leadership in Retail Customer Experience, Spotlight on 1:1, Retailing Think Tank in New York on July 17. During his presentation, Riley noted that his company conducts extensive research to understand consumer trends. In fact, Riley said his business focuses on constantly improving the omni-channel customer experience so it can bolster its interactions with clients.

With an omni-channel approach, Riley added, a business can manage client expectations. He acknowledged that consumers expect first-rate customer service at all times, which has made it more important than ever before for businesses to assist patrons through several mediums: “The expectations of the consumer have changed. They have returned. They are higher. If you all think about your own attitudes and behaviors towards your business or where you shop, I think you would agree. Despite this, if we think about what’s happening in terms of the connections, we think about omni-channel customer experience.”

Riley stated that personalized customer service is key. If business leaders can assist clients through various mediums, Riley said, these professionals can improve their chances of keeping clients happy for years to come: “Our vision, though, of where [the omni-channel customer experience] is going…is that store retailing will evolve to what we call one-to-one retailing. This extends that pervasive personalized experience and relationship that you have with the consumer from what you see online or what you see in other industries into the store. Regardless of where your consumer might be, regardless of what time of day it is, regardless of what channel they’re on you’re aware of them, you’re aware of their behaviors, you’re aware of their interests of what they’re doing and helping to suggest and provide that personalized recommendation and experience.” 

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