Virtual Event Recap: 2013 Leadership in B2B Sales

On Aug. 7, over 50 B2B sales and marketing professionals joined the 2013 Leadership in B2B Sales Virtual Event. Argyle Executive Forum brought together members of their B2B sales membership for a discussion around both opportunities and challenges for sales professionals.

Perspectives from the event included Patrick Culp, vice president of sales at Triple Creek , HGST a Western Digital Company, vice president of Americas sales and channel marketing Annie Flaig and SAP vice president of cloud sales Tim Walsh. Each participant shared his or her thoughts about how sales and marketing professionals can help their firms grow.  Some of the key topics discussed were how the cloud has played a major impact in the corporate world, the relationship between sales and marketing, the value of marketing, and why recruiting and retaining the best talent is so vital.

Embracing the Cloud: Business professionals must take advantage of all of the tools at their disposal, including cloud-based platforms. By utilizing the cloud, sales leaders can connect with many potential and current clients simultaneously and develop corporate strategies to increase their profits quickly. Because the cloud is mobile, business executives can teach their work teams about it without a long adoption cycle so they can use it regularly.

The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing: According to our panel, customers are more informed than ever before, and business administrators should focus on several areas to boost their firms' sales:

  • Using social media to build long-lasting partnerships with customers
  • Evaluating prospect behavior to better understand clients
  • Promoting collaboration between marketing and sales professionals within an organization

The value of marketing: Marketing departments are rapidly growing at businesses around the globe. Sales professionals frequently rely on marketing experts to provide valuable data that can have far-flung effects on a company.

Recruitment is vital: Adding top talent is crucial for sales departments. By finding professionals who have the necessary skills to help an organization thrive, businesses leaders can find talented sales professionals who will support their companies for years to come.  A common theme was how to successfully work with the Millennial Generation in order to meet their high expectations and allow them to reach their full potential.

If you would like to listen to the playback, please click here.

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