Human Resources executives come in many forms of experience, approach, and business aptitude. The first rule of selling to any corporate C Suite executive is to know the company, and to the extent possible, know something about the HR leader’s approach to outside services. Some HR leaders see the use of outside services as a strategic weapon to help make their company more successful and at the other end of the spectrum are the HR “Police” that view their role as keeping all vendors, except those absolutely necessary, as far at bay as possible.

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Jeff Seacrist, Vice President of Product Management at Webtrends, discussed the evolving role of the chief marketing officer (CMO) and how CMOs can incorporate real-time data into their everyday processes.

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Fred Schlecht, Vice President of Talent Management for Dunkin’ Brands, and Holly Fasano, Senior Strategic Relationship Manager for Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, discussed effective employee retention strategies and the shift from traditional performance reviews.

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Jing Liao, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at TriNet, discussed the role of today's modern HR organization and why HR departments are critical to attract and retain top talent.

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Lisa Reilly, AVP, Advertising & Public Relations at Mass Mutual Retirement Services, discussed the iconic MassMutual brand, how the organizational culture has evolved in recent years, and some exciting new research endeavors within the Retirement Services division.

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by Lily Robertson

Despite criticism in recent months that the election process is too politically motivated, Jim Yong Kim, the US-backed candidate for the World Bank presidency, has been announced as the new leader replacing current president Robert Zoellick. Korean-born Jim Yong Kim was formerly the 17th President of Dartmouth University.

His leading opponent was current Nigerian finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who posed the first real threat to a U.S candidate in the World Bank’s history according the The Guardian. Her financial background, as well as former role as Managing Director within the World Bank were considered by some to be a better fit than Kim’s background which is primarily as a public health expert rather than economist.

Despite losing out on the role Okonjo-Iweala has confidence that the U.S’s influence on the process will change in the future, saying in the article, “We have won important victories … We have shown what is possible. Our credible and merit-based challenge to a long-standing and unfair tradition will ensure the process of choosing a World Bank president will never be the same again. The hands of the clock cannot be turned back.”

In an interview with the BBC Kim said his background as a physician meant his focus will be on evidence instead of ideology to solve problems. “If we can focus on the evidence of what is actually working and adapt those evidence-based interventions to local context, I think we can be very successful.”

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