Argyle Executive Forum & Relationship Science Release New Leadership in B2B Sales Survey

Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with business development leader Relationship Science, recently released a 2013 Leadership in B2B Sales Survey that reveals many B2B sales leaders are citing that warm referrals and introductions are the most effective way to create new sales opportunities. Results of the survey found that nearly 65% of participants found warm referrals and introductions to be more effective than in-person meetings (32%) or content (3%) at reaching key decision makers.

“The results of this survey reflect what we are hearing from the market and our clients – institutions and the senior management at key institutions are intensely focused on figuring out ways to leverage the relationship capital across their entire organization so they can find warm access points to people and places they want to do business with” said Josh Mait, CMO at Relationship Science.

The survey also examined how executives are building credible relationships and establishing trust with senior-level decision makers.  According to the survey, about 35% of participants said that knowledge of a company’s challenges was the most important element in establishing a relationship based on trust and credibility with a senior-level decision maker. Meanwhile, demonstration and exchange of value (roughly 22%), relevance of message (about 17%) and preparation (around 9%) were also important to business leaders around the globe.