kevin collard

Sr. Finance Executive and Former Unit CFO at Mars Interviews the Executive VP and CFO of Universal Weather & Aviation in a Fireside Chat

Alan Rouse, Senior Finance Executive and Former Unit CFO at Mars Inc. talked to Kelvin Collard, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Administrative Officer at Universal Weather & Aviation about the importance of employee engagement at his company and how he achieves it.
Louis Cheung

Bostik’s Head of Supply Chain Management on Partnering for Innovation and Growth

Louis Cheung, Head of Supply Chain Management, Bostik, shared his thoughts on what it takes to drive innovation and growth across the supply chain in a Fireside Chat with Michael Hewitt, Associate Professor, Director of Supply Chain Management, Loyola University of Chicago, at the 2016 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum: Fall Event in Chicago on Nov. 17.
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